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QAHA ensures that once the theoretical training has been completed students are provided with the opportunity to experience work environments through live training/Industry visits. Students that get selected to be placed in various businesses will have the opportunity to work in established settlements in different fields. The student will be expected to work and learn first hand what different work environments and responsibilities entail

The opportunities might vary from hotels, restaurant, guest relations, reception, travel agencies, telly calling, accounting, marketing departments, ground jobs in M.R.Os, ground jobs in flying schools / flying clubs. Remuneration is not a criteria during live training , students going through the live training programe will not be remunerated . Live training is part of the 3 year course where the objective is for students to learn and enhance their work knowledge and ability.

Duration |: As applicable

Every student enrolling in QAHA will be required to sign a terms and conditions form, this is to ensure that the student has understood fully and completely that QAHA is providing vocational training in the field of aviation and hospitality. This terms and conditions, declaration will be drawn up on a Rs.100 stamp paper for legal purposes in the interest of the student and institute likewise.

Our aircrafts are used for Cabin familiarization training & inflight service training.

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