Students Benifit

Students Benefit

This course is beneficial for students that aim for a career in the aviation industry, furthermore, students that choose to pursue a higher education such as Post Graduate Diploma and M.B.A. will benefit from this course. By helping to provide jobs , it contributes to economic growth by serving tourism and trade. Air transport has grown in leaps and bounds since its introduction as a mode of transport and has now become essential for the transportation of people and cargo all over the world. thus providing jobs and improving tax revenues and global economy

Moment of truth


We at QAHA understand and are aware that there is a certain apprehension on behalf of general society regarding their youth entering the aviation industry, Inflight crew bare the brunt of the backlash. This stems from a general lack of knowledge about what the industry is about and what it has to offer. Hopefully the next brief paragraphs will clear the misconceptions. Aviation covers many aspects and has a vast mammoth scope of job opportunities. These jobs are created at a rapidly growing pace as the industry grows globally. Current statistics show a growth of airline travel. Which in-turn means the requirement for airline staff for every department has increased by thousands. This is not just for the domestic market but stands doubled for the international market too.

The aviation industry is no stranger to knocks and struggles. Recession was a major set back , thousands of air line employees lost their jobs, airlines shut down and recruitment stopped, however this was not restricted to airlines or aviation only, this unfortunate situation took place in all industries and companies globally. Infact the aviation industry has bounced back bigger and stronger than ever, most displaced employees have been recruited in various airlines and are continuing a fulfilling career both locally and internationally.

Career growth is rapid, this is because as the global economy soars, the demand for more airline routes increases. Established airlines are always looking to expand their horizons, more passengers mean more destinations thus leading to an increase in aircraft orders which automatically require the aircraft manufacturers to increase production. More aircrafts lead to more passengers which in turn leads to an increased demand for airline staff in all departments.

This circle of events ensures that the aviation industry is in a constant need for staff at every level. This is where QAHA seeks an opportunity to create a bridge between the industry and hopeful aspiring candidates seeking to be part of the aviation industry, we understand the industry demands and requirements and coach our students along the set expectations. We strive to mold , even those students who are unable to reach the required standards on their own. If the student is unable to display the standards required for a career as cabin crew, we ensure through our vast syllabus that the said student is trained efficiently enough to be able to create a career in various fields of customer / public related streams.

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